I worked from home on Thursday and Friday last week. By Friday afternoon, I was going stir crazy. I needed to talk to people. Hell. I just needed to be around people. I texted a few friends but each of them had plans already; I decided to go out by myself.

Going to a bar alone, especially on a Friday night, can be intimidating. I looked up a few bars online and found what looked to be a good choice. A fairly small bar/eatery with young, non-douchebag clientele. I’d been there once before and had a great cocktail and amazing food, of which most ingredients are made in-house (even the liquor). Before I could change my mind - read: chicken out - I headed out the door.

I arrived shortly after 6pm and took a seat at the (nearly empty) bar. After ordering a cocktail, I noticed that the other bartender (not the one who had served me) was crazy hot. A brown guy with an accent. Just my type! :) Of course, I had sat on the wrong end of the bar. Could I move to his side? No, that’s way too obvious. Dammit.

Another girl came in and sat next to me. By this time, the bar had started to become more lively. Everyone had sat with one empty chair between them and I guess I looked less creepy than anyone else so she sat next to me. She must have been a regular because the hot bartender knew her. When he delivered her drink, he called her sweetheart. I want him to call me sweetheart. God, that accent.

Our eyes met a few times but he was working the other side of the bar. Le sigh.

They were raffling off a few bottles of liquor as part of some celebration. Between drawings, Bartender brought me a couple more tickets. That means he’s interested, right? Or I just look really lonely/desperate. I still didn’t win.

A group of three friends who are also regulars came in and sat next to me. The other chick had left by this point. (I was there for a while…) They also knew Bartender and we quickly started chatting. One of the guys was hitting on me, but he was funny so I rolled with it. Not super attractive but cool. I asked the girl what she knew about Bartender. She said he’s recently single but a cool guy. He’s bartending their wedding, coming up with some crazy new specialty drinks. I guess that makes him a mixologist? I don’t know.

Bartender gave me more tickets. He did not give these other people any. He HAS to be interested. Right?! I can’t seem that lame. Now I’m talking to people and having fun.

We were only able to say a few things to each other throughout the night. But I had to find some way to give him my number! Why not? I’d probably never see him again. Even if I went back to that bar, he’s not likely to remember me. He sees hundreds of faces each week. But how? He wasn’t my bartender. I couldn’t just write my number on the bill (which I’ve done before).

I went to the bathroom as I was leaving and totally gave myself a pep talk in the mirror. Just do it. Don’t think about it. What is he going to do? Point you out and laugh? No. Worst case scenario: he never calls. So what?

As I walked past the bar on my way out, I said his name. He looked up at me and smiled. I handed him one of the raffle tickets that I had written my name and number on and said “You should keep this one. It might be a winner.” He said thanks and put it in his pocket, moving back to finish the drink he was making.

He actually texted me last night. He said that ticket was drawn later in the night so he has a bottle of bourbon for me. I guess I am a winner. I get a bottle of tasty liquor and we have a date tomorrow night.

Sometimes putting yourself out there works out pretty damn well. :)

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